My reading: Choice of a psychotherapist Alexander Orlov

What our experts and permanent authors read? This time, psychotherapist Alexander Orlov talks about his literary addictions.

Alexander Orlov, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Ontito- and Client-Centred therapist, President of the Human Center Society

“I agree with Kozma Putkov:“ A specialist is like a flus: his fullness is one -sided ”. My reading is one -sided: in books, I am interested primarily a person or, more precisely, his humanity ”.

“Abolished theater” Bulat Okudzhava

Against the dense background of the “family chronicle” as a canvas, the author has been abstracting his childhood, a beautiful children’s life, surrounded by an incomprehensible adulthood. Tiflis, Evpatoria, Moscow, Nizhny Tagil … But childhood is abolished when it suddenly turns out to be the childhood of the “enemy of the people”, when adulthood is ruthlessly invaded. This book is a very personal and very expensive gift for me. And not only because the author’s thoughts and experiences are echoing with my own. The author opens the life of my parents from the inside, shows it not only eventually, but also in the existential plane.

“Aristonomy” Akunin-Cheartishvili

The “mournful chronicle of the deaf times”-revolution, the October coup, red terror and the civil war-is sewn in the novel-research by philosophical and theological, sometimes moralizing reasoning about the nature and development of man. It’s joyful for me that, peering into the horrors of the divided world, the author still finds the strength to see the timid sprouts of humanity. It would be difficult for me to come to terms with another ending. For me, the novel ends with a postscript from Vladimir Vysotsky: “Who said the Earth has died? No, she lurked for a while “.

“Chinese diary” Karl Rogers

The meeting in 1986 with Karl Rogers, one of the most influential psychologists of the 20th century, radically changed me as a professional and, I hope, as a person. That’s why everything that is written by him or about him is extremely interesting. The diary, first published in the original language in 2012, was written in 1922 to a 20-year-old youth. In the

Le soleil est déjà élevé et les invités sont tous là dans les mêmes poses? Vous devez préparer le petit déjeuner. Mais quand quelqu’un s’est rassemblé à la maison, il est préférable de soutenir son impulsion. Le charme des orgies est une substance délicate, de sorte que ce n’est pas le matin de plaisanter traditionnellement à propos d’hier. Dites au revoir et courir à la maison – vous avez medicament pour erection un mystère commun. Plus tard, rencontrer des témoins de cette nuit dans la salle à manger institutionnelle, il suffira de désigner votre signe de tête robuste.

diary day after day, the 6-month odyssey Rogers is presented as part of the American delegation to China to participate in the conference of the Youth Christian Association (YMCA). Behind the vivid impressions of Hawaii, the Philippines, in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, the author’s observations and reflexes clearly shines through the worldview, which later came true in a human -centered approach to psychotherapy.

Rogers C. The China Diary, PCCS Books, 215 C.

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“Childhood and youth of Jesus” Emil Bock

I read this book in one breath;She is as an amazing stained glass created on the basis of the gospels, apocrypha, early Christian legends and anthroposophical texts. The central theme of the book is the greatest psychological secret intriguing me from a young age – the secret of the personality of Jesus Christ. Talking about the mismatch of Jesus’s genealogies in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, the author, following Rudolf Steiner, explains this fact by the existence of two Jesus: one of the Solomon clan (the Gospel of Matthew);another of the genus Nafan (Gospel from Luke). The combination of a deep understanding of texts and literary gift allows the author to reconstruct the childhood and youth of the two Jesus as a miracle of their human destinies, preceding the divine miracle of Christ’s life.

Translated from German Tatyana Kholodova. Enigma, 240 s.

“King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table” Peter Akraid

The fraternity of the knights of the round table always attracted me – I see in it a mysterious historical anomaly, “Memory of the future”. But the first 200 pages of the book brought disappointment. I felt like an archaeologist who sifted 200 tons of empty breed to no avail. And then he saw: like intertwined roots hiding the steps of the ancient staircase, the intricacies of the plot (all these adventures, tournaments, battles and miracles) hid the symbolism of seven steps of love, rising from love-adherence to love-gaze. The novel testifies: the movement down this ladder (Lancelot path) is a sin, it leads to lies, destruction and death. And the upward movement (the path of Galahad) is chastity (unity of integrity and wisdom) or the implementation of a person in himself.

Translation from English Lyubov sums. Alpina non-fiction, 418 from.

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